Will you be offering the same services to your patients?

Yes! I want to offer the highest level of facility and care to all my valuable patients, this takes time. I will continue to have a full range of both medical and cosmetic services to treat the entire patient.

How can I keep in touch with you?

Thank you for choosing to continue your care with me! I will periodically post updates via email. You can sign up for these emails here. We respect your privacy and never share your personal information. You can also follow us on facebook here.

Will you be taking new patients?

Yes! I am happy to see your family and friends. Thank you for trusting me with their care.

Why am I required to fill out new patient paperwork when I have seen you in the past?

Due to healthcare and privacy laws, this is necessary as it is a different place of business and location. My sincerest apologies for the time and effort this takes. It is also good to continue to update records over time as you may have new health issues, medications, allergies, or concerns.